Healthcare mobile apps

How a Mobile App can Empower Your Healthcare Profession

Once again in 2021, Covid-19 outbreak has brought the healthcare sector into prominence. Now people have become more health-conscious because of the pandemic phase on the other hand they are using technology parallel as assistance. Services like doctor on demand, doctor appointment on a video call, and telemedicine are gaining ground with the rise of healthcare app.


With the transformation in technology demand for smartphones are increasing day by day. Mobile application development has become a real game-changer in the healthcare sector therefore we will divide the scope of healthcare mobile applications into two categories.

  1. Patient care related- these types of healthcare mobile apps are used for diagnosis, well-being, treatment monitoring, and other patients’ touchpoints.

  2. Healthcare system-related- these types of apps include healthcare surveillance, emergency response, and other crucial aspects that offer patient care service.


In 2021, healthcare system has already started transforming digitally. Mobile application technology is opening new paths for both doctors and patients.

A survey by HIMSS Analytics found that 93% of physicians are using mobile technologies in their day-to-day work, and 88% are using mobile technology to help deliver patient care.


Today in this blog we will discuss how mobile apps can revolutionize the healthcare system and your healthcare profession. So let’s get started.


Types of healthcare applications for doctors

➔ Doctor appointment fixing apps

➔ Healthcare reference apps

➔ Database apps

➔ Medical consultation apps

➔ Health tracking apps

➔ Doctor networking


Healthcare apps for patients

➔ Health monitoring apps

➔ Healthcare education apps

➔ Women healthcare apps

➔ Appointment & doctor consultation apps

➔ Dieting apps

➔ Blood oxygen level monitoring apps

How mobile apps can benefit healthcare professionals?

Mobile apps keep the doctor update about their patient health condition. With the use of the mobile application, prescriptions can be digitized and patients can access the prescription mobile-only. The digital prescription helps doctors to make quick decisions in case of emergency. The best thing about having a mobile application is that patient and doctor information can be shared in the blink of an eye.


Patients are the ones who enjoy the benefits of a mobile application the most. Viewing the medical reports online, getting appointments, and quick consultation are some amazing benefits of healthcare apps. In case of emergency, a patient can also make a video call to the doctors and discuss the health issues.

Additional Useful Features For Healthcare Apps

Live Chat

Patients can discuss their queries through the live chat feature from app. This feature is useful for patients in remote areas.


Reviews & Ratings

Reviews and ratings can help the user to choose the right doctor and healthcare service.


Push Notification

Notifications of upcoming appointments, messages, and others can be instantly received by patients and doctors

Benefits of Healthcare Mobile App From Quaere

Reduced Expense- having a healthcare mobile app will automate several tasks including scheduling and appointments. Healthcare apps replace the body of the medical building and reduce staffing that enables organizations to save lots more on time and money. Also, healthcare apps can bring automation to various administration processes of the healthcare organization to save time and money.


Reduced Risk of Wrong Diagnose- healthcare apps deliver accurate reports through apps. With the use of apps doctors and patients are made sure that they get the correct report.


Secure Payment Option- healthcare apps have integrated secure payment option which makes the bill payment safe and secure.


● 24*7 hassle-free communication

● Access medical reports anytime and anywhere

● Keep track of respective treatments

● Enhanced workflow for both patient and doctor


Healthcare applications are going to be beneficial for humankind. From monitoring health to keep track of treatment, sending accurate reports, 24 hours communication, healthcare mobile applications can have an array of advantages. Healthcare apps have made complex tasks easier which is helpful in taking the right decision without any lapse.


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