Build your Educational App (E-learning) with Quaere eTechnologies

Today in pandemic online educational platforms and applications are gaining popularity worldwide. The number of universities, coaching institutes and schools are shifting towards virtual classes in an attempt to curtail the virus spread. Meanwhile, schools and coaching institutes who are giving online classes and courses are already ahead of game. If your school or educational business is not online at the moment then this is the high time to shift towards virtual classes and paperless classroom.

Today, in this blog we’ll tell you all about e-learning platforms and mobile application, I will also describe the key benefits of having mobile learning apps from Quaeretech.

What is E-learning?

E-learning or mobile learning is a kind of distance learning platform which uses a mobile application, blogs, online tools, podcasts, and much more. In e-learning classes, you can interact with teachers in real-time and even ask questions. With the help of educational applications and websites, you can also manage online tests and quizzes when required.

In the pandemic, E-learning platform has emerged best means of training in education sector. E-learning courses and study materials are published through an online “Learning Management System” known as LMS. Quaeretech provides different types of LMS for coaching institutes, schools, and collages. With our LMS both educator and student will get login portal through which they can manage different activities. Some of the core services of Quaeretech LMS are- Attendance management, Fees management, Student Assessment, Leave management and Birthday reminder.

 Online Education Courses- Now the internet is saturated with the diversity of courses. The most common and famous use of the educational application is giving online education courses. It also helps those who lack financial aid and want to study despite difficulties.

The features of online education courses are-

  • Forum, blogs, and courses catalogue
  • Audio lectures and interactive video lectures
  • Online quizzes
  • FAQ with teachers

Features of E-learning Application

  • Clarity regarding subscription plans
  • Easy user integration and easy profile management
  • The convenience of choosing course and subjects
  • Quiz model for testing knowledge
  • Mock tests
  • Updates regarding doubts and queries
  • Keep track of progress and performance
  • Student Assessment
  • Time-table Management
  • Instant Notification
  • Leave Management

Quare Expertise in the Education Industry

We have a team of core developers who can deliver the best educational mobile application and website. We develop both application and websites for schools, colleges, playgroups, and even coaching institutes. Below there are some examples of our expertise-

  • Online training applications
  • E-learning software development
  • eBook learning applications
  • Education Gaming applications
  • Learning application for nursery & preschool
  • Education management solution
  • Mobility solution for school and universities

Benefits of Educational Mobile application & website

Educational-app-benefits- Quaeretech

  1. Educational applications are flexible, the learner can choose time and place according to convenience.
  2. Makes learning process continuous.
  3. It gives you age independence.
  4. Gives you quick and easy access to information
  5. Gives a higher level of motivation and engagement.
  6. Gives learning access to people who are differently-abled.
  7. The mobile application gives immense profit to the educational business.

Summing up

We at Quaeretech can help you make sure your effort won’t go in vain. By hiring our development team, you will get all-round support with every aspect of the process: from the idea and its validation to its design, development and further support for your education application and website.

So without wasting time for more information, you can mail us at or call us at +91-522-4067760.