Gens is an all-in-one mobile application for offices and employees. With the use of Gens, you can manage onboarding, employee data, attendance, leave, payroll and travel expenses and measure performance with a single cloud-based solution that can be accessed from anywhere anytime.

With the use of Gens, you can easily Mark attendance with just a tap, Add and keep your employee details, Allows multiple slots per employee, Can mark leaves and working days easily, Generate Attendance Report – weekly / monthly/yearly or with any date range, Employee check-in & check out details during a day.

Essential Features of Gens

  • Instant Alerts & Notifications on every move made by employees
  • Super simplified process for leave applying, getting approval or rejection and quick leave balance check to smooth out the workflow of employees and managers
  • Displays detail information about salary and other given allowances.
  • Get access to Admin Web Portal and Admin Mobile App
  • Generate Salary through Gens app.

Mobile Application for Office & Employees

Maintain Employee Data

Attendance Management

Leave Management

Payroll Management

Instant notification

Salary Insight

Holiday Information

Mobile Application/ Web Portal