QCRMS is a robust tool which acts as an efficiency enhancer for operational processes to scale up productivity level, customer satisfaction, and growth. Quaere’s QCRMS is totally user-friendly application with the easy control & utmost flexible features. QCRMS is designed to resolve the maximum complexities faced while dealing with customers database at large scale and delivers performance results towards better Customer Relationship.

Quaere CRM Software is one-stop-shop solution for every business that brings a host of capabilities together. CRM allows to manage customer related information, create and manage reports , You can store all the data of customers, make calls, create reports, add notes and so on - without stepping out of the CRM system.

CRM system brings all this information into one cohesive unit. The customer’s complete history with your business exists alongside a list of your deals; your emails, notes, and appointments live in one interface. Add to this the fact that you can get real-time notifications when your customers perform a significant activity—like when they visit your Pricing page or click on a link in your email. We’re talking about a goldmine of information available in one system, under one roof.

Benefits of CRM Software:

  • Saves time and eliminates inefficient practices. By using one CRM software package to complete all daily tasks a business will save thousands of hours each year, hours which can be focused on your overall business strategy.
  • Customer details are stored in an easy to access place. Customer relationship software enables all customer details to be stored in the same place which can then be accessed by anyone within the business who has the correct authority.
  • It makes quoting and invoicing more streamlined. The CRM software is able to create quotes and invoices for a customer within minutes, it means no more quotes overlooked and no more invoices will be left unsent. With a CRM in place, you can benefit from the automation of all paperwork and invoicing, without any delay.
  • Another benefit of CRM software is the ability to create a better customer experience. Your CRM software will allow you to view all notes taken on customers, so you can better serve them, and also have the advantage of a consolidated knowledgebase of past service issues to help solve future problems in a timely fashion.
  • CRM gives a professional image to your business. All businesses want their customers to regard them as professional and it can be the little things such as knowing what your customers usually buy that will help to project this image. Knowing the service or products your customers have purchased also enables you to cross-sell or up-sell additional services/products that you offer to gain additional value.
  • Marketing can also be assisted by CRM as it can help to create more successful targeted marketing campaigns by looking back on customer purchasing trends. The advantage of viewing purchasing trends is that you can find correlations between campaigns and actual sales performance. This additional knowledge lets you understand how your customers think and what campaigns drive the desired actions.